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Driving Directions to the Institute for Microstructural Sciences

Introduction to the Quantum Theory Group

The Quantum Theory Group carries out theoretical research into the electronic and optical properties of low-dimensional and bulk semiconductors, organic materials, graphene, photonic systems, mesoscopic systems, and quantum information. It also examines other aspects of quantum theory which promise scientific and technological potential.

The work of the group can be divided into two main streams. One is focused on answering fundamental questions related to quantum theory and the structures and properties of matter, and, in the process, developing conceptual and computational tools allowing to answer these questions. The second involves applying well developed physical principles and tools to the projects of the Institute of Microstructural Sciences, and working closely with experimental groups.

Quantum Theory Group in 2008

Quantum Theory Group in 2009

Quantum Theory Group in 2010

Joint Quantum Theory Group and the Hong Guo Group (McGill, Montreal) in 2010

Quantum Theory Group in July 2010